Inter-secretariat Working Group on Household Surveys COVID-19 impact surveys

The Inter-secretariat Working Group on Household Surveys (ISWGHS) is created to foster improvement in the scope and quality of social and economic statistics as delivered through national, regional and international household survey programmes, including through increased coordination and cooperation across at all levels.

This dashboard is part of ISWGH’s Taskforce on COVID-19 household surveys. The overall objectives of the Task Force are to
  1. Support the coordination of the COVID-19 impact surveys in countries
  2. Provide guidance to countries both on maintaining the continuity of regular survey programmes and various methodological aspects of COVID-19 related surveys
  3. Establish a collective vision on the implications of COVID-19 for reshaping the national household survey programmes.
The Intersecretariat Working Group on Household Surveys (ISWGHS) Dashboard on COVID-19 Impact Surveys allows users to explore information on all household surveys on the impact of COVID-19 supported by ISWGHS members.

Explore the household surveys

Visualize which countries have planned or carried out at least one COVID-19 impact survey with the support of ISWGHS members. The dashboard is updated with regular contributions from ISWGHS members.

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