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hdi, 2012
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Dataset Notes
NOTES a. Estimates are age-standardized and based on a combination of country life tables, cause of death models, regional cause of death patterns, and World Health Organization and Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS estimates for some major causes (not including chronic diseases). b. Data are for the most recent year available during the period specified. c. Data differ from standard definition or refer to only part of the country. DEFINITIONS Immunization coverage for DTP: Percentage of one-year-olds who have received three doses of the combined diphtheria, tetanus toxoid and pertussis (DTP) vaccine. Immunization coverage for measles: Percentage of one-year-olds who have received at least one dose of a measles vaccine. Underweight children: Percentage of children under age 5 falling two standard deviations or more below the median weight-for-age of the reference population. HIV prevalence: Percentage of the population ages 15–24 who are infected with HIV. Infant mortality rate: Probability of dying between birth and exactly age 1, expressed per 1,000 live births. Under-five mortality rate: Probability of dying between birth and exactly age 5, expressed per 1,000 live births. Adult mortality rate: Probability that a 15-year-old person will die before reaching age 60, expressed per 1,000 adults. Cause-specific deaths: Deaths attributable to a certain disease or cause. Physicians: Number of physicians (both generalists and specialists), expressed per 1,000 people. Satisfaction with heath care quality: Percentage of respondents who answered "yes" to the Gallup World Poll question, "In this country, do you have confidence in the healthcare or medical systems?" MAIN DATA SOURCES Columns 1, 2, 8 and 9: WHO (2012a). Columns 3-5: UNICEF (2012). Columns 6, 10, 11 and 13: WHO (2012b). Column 7: Inter-agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation (2012). Column 12: HDRO calculations based on data on female deaths and male deaths due to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes from WHO (2012b) and population data from UNDESA (2011). Column 14: Gallup (2012).
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