India: Restoring ecosystems and livelihoods

Restoring ecosystems and helping communities to adapt to climate change is critical to enhance resilience of coastal communities. 


This is a six-year project (2019-2024) that aims to strengthen the climate resilience of coastal communities by protecting and restoring India’s natural ecosystems such as mangroves and seagrass. The project will also support climate-adaptive livelihoods and value chains to increase the climate resilience of these coastal communities. The project will be implemented in 24 target ecosystems in 12 coastal districts across the states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Odisha. 

Impact Evaluation timeline

Approaches to assess the impact

A possible approach to assess the impact of the “Enhancing Climate Resilience of India’s Coastal Communities“ project is through Difference-in-Difference. In this approach, we start with a large sample of potential project sites in each state. Selection of the project sites from the potential list of sites do not have to be randomized. Comparison groups can be created using pre-established criteria.