Crisis Risk Dashboard (CRD)


The Crisis Risk Dashboard (CRD) is a data analytics and visualization platform developed by UNDP's Crisis Bureau. The CRD's primary function is to monitor and analyze multidimensional contextual risks, with the objective of informing anticipatory decision-making by UNDP and the wider UN system. Evidence-based analysis supported by the CRD helps prevent crisis and address fragility at global, regional, national and sub-national levels.

“The CRD enables UNDP to do ongoing analysis and have easily accessible data. This is particularly useful in countries where data is not easily available.”

—Nirina Kiplagat, UNDP Regional Service Centre for Africa

Data Products Tailored to Every Use Case

    The Global CRD enables short-term monitoring and long-term trends analysis on all countries and for all UNDP staff. It captures a range of global risk and development indices, newsfeeds, events-based information and UNDP programme data, and translates it into useable visual formats. The Global CRD is directly accessible through the Intranet to all UNDP staff.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​                                                                             

    Global CRD: Risk Trend Tracker Screenshot
    ​​​​​Customized In-Depth Analysis 

    Country- and region-specific CRDs are customized products that provide in-depth information tailored to the context. They are designed upon requests from, and in close cooperation with, Country Offices or Regional Hubs, on the basis of tailored risk profiles and local data sources. Country CRDs are frequently shared with the wider UN Country Team, allowing for interagency information sharing and joint analysis.

    Regional CRD: Political Violence Heatmap Screenshot

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      How Does the Crisis Risk Dashboard Inform Decision-Making? 

      The CRD supports UNDP’s system-wide offer on integrated risk assessment and management. The CRD plays a role at policy, programmatic and operational levels. Whether for longer-term analysis or day-to-day monitoring, there are myriad ways how the CRD is useful for UNDP’s work.

      Applications of the CRD
      • Regular monitoring of country situations
      • Risk-informed, adaptive programming
      • Integrated approaches to resilience and prevention
      • Trends analysis on countries, regions, themes
      • Research of correlations between risk factors (eg. climate security) 

      CRD World Coverage

      CRD World Coverage Visualization

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