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UNDP GeoHub is a repository of a wide array of data sets of the most recent time span available at your fingertips!

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The UNDP GeoHub is a centralized ecosystem of geospatial data and services to support development policy makers. It connects geospatial knowledge and knowhow across the organization to enhance evidence-based decision making with relevant data-led insights.

Frequently asked questions

    Can I upload my data to GeoHub?

    Yes. Authenticated users can upload geospatial data in various formats, and they can choose to publish it with GeoHub and make it discoverable. 

    What type of data does GeoHub use?

    Geohub uses internally pixelated data layers (image) as well as layers composed of geometric objects like points, lines and polygons. 

    What keywords can I use to search for data?

    You can search data using various themes like sustainable development goals, climate, environment, natural hazards, data providers or even geographical areas like countries or regions. The users should use the tags browser to explore the list of available keywords. 

    Can I change an existing map? 

    Yes, in case you are the owner of the map and authenticated. 

    What type of analytics are available? 

    GeoHub will eventually support raster, vector and mixed raster-vector analytics. However currently vector analytics are supported and being implemented like selection/filtering, one layer geoprocessing functions as well as multi-layer pipelines. 

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    Are you interested in contributing to this project or the global response? We're looking for people who can contribute data and analyses, as well as organizations interested in partnerships and funding