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Data Visualization as a service


The UNDP Data Visualization Service leverages a variety of tools and technologies to transform complex data into clear, insightful visual stories. We construct custom solutions that that enable understanding, interpretation, and communication of complex data from diverse sources in a visually engaging way. Through interactive charts, dynamic simulators, and comprehensive dashboards, Data Visualization Service offers an effective way to make sense of the wealth of data driving impactful and data-driven decisions.

Key Services and Expertise

Enhance understanding with custom data visualizations

Transform complex data into clear and compelling visual representations that uncover valuable insights. Tailored to your specific needs, custom data visualizations provide a powerful way to understand trends, patterns, and correlations within your data.

Uncover actionable insights with interactive dashboards

Explore, navigate and analyze multidimensional data through user-friendly interactive dashboards. Dive into the correlations between various indicators, country ranks, and emerging trends to unlock customisable, ready-made analyses.

Reveal dynamic scenarios through data simulators

Data simulators offer predictive capabilities, providing insights into potential outcomes of strategies, policies, or interventions. By visualizing dynamic scenarios based on data-driven models, these tools deepen understanding of underlying dynamics and reveal growth opportunities.

Frequently asked questions

    What tools and technologies does the Data Visualization Team use?

    The Data Visualization Team employs a diverse array of tools and technologies to effectively communicate complex data. This includes data visualization libraries and software such as D3.js, Tableau, Power BI etc. We leverage these tools to create interactive visualizations that effectively convey insights from complex datasets.

    Can the Data Visualization Team create custom visualizations?

    Yes, the Data Visualization Team is skilled in creating a wide range of custom visualizations to meet unique data needs. Our expertise includes both static and interactive visualizations, comprehensive dashboards, dynamic simulators, and compelling data stories.

    How can I contact UNDP Data Visualization services?

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